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God loves you

Who Are We 


Asian Christian Campus Ministry is a member of the Interfaith Center at Stony Brook University. The roles of Chaplains and Religious Advisors are to partner with student leaders to empower, encourage, and nurture them to service on the campus.

Our Mission


Embracing God’s love and grace for all people, the Asian Christian Campus Ministry @ Stony Brook University equips Christians to grow in personal fellowship with God, proclaim Jesus Christ is risen, and engage the Stony Brook community and the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision


We are committed to educate and equip students with Biblical teachings, Christian faith, and development of spiritual gifts in order to prepare students for witness and service on the campus, in the local churches, and in the world missions.

Our Challenge


ACCM is a ministry geared to reach out to the Chinese or Chinese American students on campus. Before us is the immense task of reaching the 80%~90% Asian Americans who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. ACCM provides a unique opportunity for students to seek God in their lives. We invite you to join in partnership with the ACCM and share in His awesome works.

Our Student Activities 


During the school year we meet regularly for Bible study, prayers, and meeting to serve the needs of the students. A Group Retreat is held at the beginning of the each school year for leadership training. A Gospel Camp is held during the Spring break for all students — believers and seekers alike, joined by alumni for three days of worship, fellowship, training, and meditation.

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